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We provide exciting, educational entertainment for all kinds of festivals!  Past events include Hannaford Kidz Expo, The Carrot Festival, Capital Region Reptile Expo, Moxie's National Ice Cream Day, and more!

Our basic festival service includes

  • At least two educators doing continuous contact and education

  • Interactive Tortoise Pen

  • Several interactive lizard displays

  • Guest interaction with snakes, supervised by our educators


Every Reptile Adventure festival booth involves allowing guests to touch and feel the animals.  We also allow guests to hold some animals under the supervision of our educators.  Cameras are encouraged, and we'll assist with all kinds of awesome photo ops! 

Our festival service is always a big draw, even for people who are nervous about reptiles!  It is exciting for us to help people overcome their nervousness and touch or hold a snake for the very first time--something that happens dozens of times at every festival we've done!  We cannot express how wonderful it is see someone, with our sensitive, gentle encouragement, transform their fear into delight.  We've seen guests go from "I am too scared to even look at a snake," to "Oh my gosh, I think I want one of my own!"  We owe much of that to our wonderful animals, who are very calm and tolerant toward human beings.  We are also attuned to both the animals and the guests, so that we can step in immediately if one or the other becomes nervous!


  • Festival rates start at $350 for three hours of continuous interaction and education with a minimum of two educators. 

  • Each additional hour is $50

  • Travel fees may apply outside of the Capital Region (no travel fees for Schenectady, Schoharie, Albany, and Rensselaer counties)

  • We may request that the event host provide tables, chairs, electrical access, and other amenities, depending on the type of event and services requested.

  • Lighting must be provided at outdoor events that last beyond sundown.

  • We require vehicle access to the booth site to unload and load our animals and items.

  • We also require parking space if the vehicle cannot be kept near the booth; we may require reasonably close parking space due to one of our disabled educators.

  • Please inform us if your event has music, either from a live band or a DJ; some of our animals cannot attend these events because of their sensitivities.  We will substitute other animals in these cases.

  • After October 1, all venues must be indoors for the safety and comfort of the animals.  We can go back outdoors in the spring once temperatures rise to 70F or higher.

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