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Classrooms, libraries, club meetings, and more!

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Why choose Reptile Adventure for your classroom?

  • We come to you!  No bus fees, permission slips, or chaperones!

  • Shows tailored to your students' needs and education level.

  • Educators are sensitive to wary or nervous audience members.

  • Safely learn about and meet a variety of exotic animals, many of which are not common classroom pets!

  • Fully insured, with nearly a decade of experience educating children with animals; safety comes first with Reptile Adventure!

We will be more than happy to cover specific topics as desired--our educators are flexible and knowledgeable, and can educate on a variety of reptile- and nature-related topics.  

Our basic show is an overview of reptiles and amphibians; we explain what makes a reptile a reptile, and how different reptiles live in their native ecosystems.  We have a variety of animals from all over the globe, including Central American rainforests, Middle Eastern deserts, and the rocky steppes of Eastern Europe.  Topics usually include what the animals eat, how they find their food, how they avoid predators, and what related animals can be found in New York.

Every Reptile Adventure presentation involves allowing audience members to touch and feel the animals.  We are also more than happy to allow students to line up for photo opportunities after the show is done.  

Classroom rates start at $225 for a 45-minute fully interactive presentation for up to 25 students*.  Additional shows may be added on to accommodate larger numbers of students at a rate of $50 per extra show.  Travel fees may apply to locations outside the immediate Capital Region. An accessibility fee of $30 will be applied if the site is not disabled accessible, but this can be waived if you provide help hauling things.

We ask that a teacher be in the classroom at all times during presentations to supervise the students; we've usually got our hands full of reptiles!

  • Classrooms

  • Libraries

  • Scout meetings

  • Museum talks

  • Homeschool groups

  • After-School clubs and programs

* We CAN do larger groups, but this will be adapted to accommodate the size of the group. The interactive portion will be modified.

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